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lightyourcourse's Journal

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Glad you can make it! You've found the privilege to set your eyes on this
intriguing yet simple community. This is community of text graphics that
consist of words, quotes, songs. I thought it'd be interesting to start something
like this. Tumblr inspired me with all their beautiful little entries. So in this
community you can post your favorite quoted image. Even ones that you've made.
But there's a few things you need to follow to get this community safe and clean.

1. You must join to post.
2. You can only post one image at a time. That means one image per entry.
3. You can post as many posts as you want.
4. Please credit where ever you got your pictures. We don't want any stealing here.
5. When crediting, put it in your tags like this  (credit: ---)
6. Center your image and make sure
it doesn't overlap the journal.

7. Enjoy!

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You must read and comment that you have understood
the guidelines above and the tagging rules in order
to post anything on this community.
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